Writing Buddies

My Writing 'Buddies'.

Inspiration can be drawn upon from anywhere, personally I find a lot of inspiration from my four rabbits. Each of which had their own individual habits and personalities, there are completely their own 'people' and I wouldn't have it any other way. Whilst writing, my brain will tend to fry itself out and I will sometimes take five minutes to go into the garden and spend some time with them. Not only does it clear my head and give me the fresh air I need to gain a little perspective on whatever I'm stuck on, but they appreciate the company as well.

2 and a half years' old.
Rex x Lop

This little boy is absolutely beautiful and was my first little four-legged bud. No matter how naughty he is and how many times he decides to orchestrate a break-out from his hutch whilst I'm at work - he'll always have a special place in my heart. He's soft and loves cuddles when he's in a good enough mood to let me pick him up. (Giving him a bath is a nightmare though. Seriously.)
He's very intelligent - to the point that he figured out that if he pushes enough body weight against the door of his hutch, the latch will pop open! - Also he loves fresh greens and vegetables and sunbathing with it's warm and sunny.

Approx 2 years
English Spot.

I adopted this little girl from  a pet shop, after her last family brought her in and insisted that she didn't 'get on' with their rabbits and dogs. A little skittish and not too used to being handled, I am working with her to get her to trust humans a little more and know that she's in a safe environment. I don't know too much about her heritage except that her Mother was domesticated and that her Father was a wild rabbit - which totally fits her attitude! She's fiesty, territorial but all in all, just wants to lead a happy life.

Sergeant Fuzzy Boots.
1 year old.
Dwarf Lop x Lionhead.

Having recently just bought this gorgeous little boy - people still laugh at me when they ask me what his name is. (That's what happens when you allow Boyfriend and his son to name the animals.)
Fuzz is so charming and sweet and permanently encaptures you with his large blue eyes. Ridiculously fluffy and loves cuddles, I can tell he'll be a beautiful rabbit.

1 year old
Dwarf Lop.

Lilith is so absolutely sweet and cute that I can't help but pick her up for a cuddle whenever she decides that she is ready for one! She loves to be stroked and likes playing with my hair, she'll quite happily sit down and snuggle up to you in the warmth and doze. She's shy and isn't too inquisitive, but she is intelligent and fast.

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