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Holly Marsh.
Recruitment Advertising expert by day - Writer by night.

So, my name is Holly, although you've gathered that already.
I created this very blog with the intention that I wanted to document my journey to becoming a full-fledged and published writer. I had the dream to look back on this blog one day and at my pitfalls, my joys and my problems - I wanted to see the very journey I have travelled on and poured my blood, sweat and tears for, what I had endured countless rejection for.

I also hope that one of you may decide to take the journey with me and decide to take the same difficult route. I want to entertain, influence and be able to hand a copy of my first book over to those who really believe in me and say; "Hey, I did it."

What do I hope this blog will achieve? I want to get the word out there - my word. I want to be able to tell my stories and I want people to read, to enjoy and I want to become a better Writer -  because I will never stop learning, no matter how far along the path I get.

So reader, will you take this journey with me?

"I love the way Holly writes! She sounds professional, yet laid back. This is a great way to come off in your writing. It lets the readers know you know what you're talking about, but also letting them in on how you really feel on the issue. Keep up the great writing! " - Joy Hancock (Blogging for Bloggers)


When I'm not ghosting around on random blogs, you'll find me (probably) hanging around here:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/HollyDaisies
Google + - +Holly Marsh
Facebook - (Page coming really soon once I train my rabbits in the art of marketing via social media)

If you're interested in featuring on my Sunday Spotlights feature, having me review your blog/poetry/writing or even would just like to chat about writing/your cats, ect.  Drop me an email at: daggersunderdaisies@gmail.com

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