Sunday, 21 July 2013

Beneath the Door.


Which translates to 'what's up' for those of you, who aren't 'down with the kids'. Maybe you'll surprise the young'uns with your new found language skills the next time they spout endless reams of unidentifiable syllables. Enjoy the blank stare you'll receive - half full of confusion and contempt for you.

But anyway, moving on.

As mentioned in my previous posting, I wanted to get my latest Story 'out there'. This ideally would be the first book I would like to get published, although being a young inexperienced author - it will be a lot of work I imagine. Someone suggested I should also create a Google+ page in terms of marketing (I rely way too much on Facebook and Linkedin!) Although I've always silently hated the idea of Google+ - has anyone tried it and/or can recommend it to be worth while?

Right well, my latest workings I've decided to title 'Beneath the Door' - Why did I decide on it? Well, you'll have to read it to find out ;)

The story circulates around my protagonist - Terin. A young woman plagued by fears, emotion and amnesia, this is her journey to not only to find 'herself' but to solve a few personal mysteries as well. This is the admittedly the darkest thing that has fallen out of my mind and onto paper, with also a few of my own personal elements interjected as well (couldn't resist!) 
The orginal story for this came about whist I was in Primary School, although it was almost a completely different plot. A couple of years ago, I was stuck for inspiration and thought that I wanted to continue this further, thus over the many months that have flown by, I had tossed around ideas and possible scenarios - now only sitting down properly to do it justice and write the thing!
So what have I learned from this experience?

Don't procrastinate, If you want to write a good story - sit down and get on with the damn thing!
- H x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I write this to you sat in a semi-melting Dentist surgery, watching as the other half gets his mouth hacked into and I, watching amused from the other side of the room with a bag of sweets. What a rebel.

So how has my writing been lately? Pretty sparse to be fair. I have been lax with updating my personal archives with the amount of things that have happened as of late. But that's cool, I will get my groove back soon!

Which brings me onto my next point - as this is my very own blog with entirely my own material and inner-thinkings, i can shamelessly plug my own work! Yay!

My latest project has led me to an entirely different genre that i haven't explored before - Psychological Thriller. Out of my comfort zone and armed with good ideas, good characters and an exciting plot - I am about 12 chapters into the first draft and counting. Woah.

I will post a description and a snippet of it soon for you guys, watch this space!

Until then however, please enjoy this doodling of me at my desk.

Over and out.
- H x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Starting Out.

(Cue really dramatic opening film music)

Hi Guys!


Yeah that was actually my well though-out attempt at a good opening for my first official blog. Creative huh?

Well I've finally found some time within my work/family/other half-filled life to actually sit down and take this writing thing seriously. Although I do wish that this room wasn't currently melting around me with mid-summers' heat - It's making me feel sleepy and lethargic - not a good combo for an aspiring young author I reckon.

So yes anyway, back to the point of this fantastic new page - This, ladies and gentlemen is the start of my journey to setting out what I've always wanted to go - become a writer. (I've left out the 'successful and rich' aspirations for my new career *sad face*)

What's that I hear you cry? It's a tough ol' line of work? Why yes there Jimmy, it is. But admittedly it's one that I've always wanted to follow ever since I was old enough to grasp a pencil in my chubby hand and attack any sort of writing surface with - thus, this will be my unedited, undiluted truth of the highs and the lows of being a budding young writer.

It's scary, new, big and blood sweat and tears will be spilled. Who said that writing was boring and unexciting?!

But I'm taking you all with me.

Good luck Holly!

- H x